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Top Bar Hive Beekeeping With Phil Chandler

Have you ever wanted to keep bees in your garden environment but wasn’t sure how to go about it? Top bar hive beekeeping expert, Phil Chandler will share his tips and advice about beekeeping using the top bar hive method in this episode of That’s The Story.

Autumn leaves spread out on the ground

Hello, Autumn!

Every year, when the seasons change from summer to autumn, do we think about the environment and what it has provided for us? How many people stop to think about the natural beauty that surrounds us as well as all of the creatures we share it with. Do we think about the 3000-mile migratory path of the Monarch butterfly that makes its final trip to Mexico as it migrates from the Northeast through lands that are saturated with glyphosate? What about the plight of the honeybees as they forage through neonicotinoid laden fields and lands? There is no escape for our pollinators.

This is why I love the poem, To Autumn by John Keats. Every year I try to take some time to appreciate all that surrounds me. Enjoy!

Caturday is everyday

Why People Love Caturday

Caturday Is Every Day! By June Stoyer Throughout social media, Saturday is celebrated as Caturday. Especially for many cat lovers, Caturday is everyday!  If you have had the joy