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Tips On How To Identify A Fake Account On LinkedIn #scammer #linkedintips #fakeaccount #conartist #scam #jobseekers #fraud #linkedin

Tips On How To Identify A Fake Account On LinkedIn

Looking for a job? Need to promote your business to other professionals? LinkedIn has been the place to be. For a long time, it was the top professional social networking platform where users could showcase their skills and experiences, connect with other professionals, and seek job opportunities.

With millions of active users, LinkedIn has become a prime target for scammers and spammers who create fake accounts to con unsuspecting individuals. These fake accounts can be difficult to spot, but there are certain things you can look out for to identify a fake account on LinkedIn.

Over the past year, LinkedIn has become a growing haven for all sorts of scammers just looking to exploit their next victim. In this video tutorial, learn helpful tips about how to identify a fake account on LinkedIn. You can apply the same principles on any other social media site to identify them as well. Good luck!

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AI and Perception: Can We Trust What We See?

In today’s digital age, images play a significant role in our lives. We capture photos to preserve memories, share moments with our loved ones, and even use them for professional purposes. When it comes to the relationship between AI and Perception, can we trust what we see?

In this episode of That’s The Story, host June Stoyer talks to Stephen Graves, CEO of CertifiedTrue.com about how technology can help protect businesses through a cutting edge blockchain based technology called PhotoProof. Stephen is a pioneer in cybersecurity, an expert in artificial intelligence and one of the top 10 entrepreneurs to watch! Watch the interview to learn how it works!

Images are also important for business, law enforcement and for use in government. However, with the increasing use of the latest AI image generation tools and other image editing software, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to determine the authenticity of an image much less its origin. How do we know that what we see is real? At this point, we don’t unless we can confirm its authenticity.

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The ChatGPT Post That Rattled LinkedIn

ChatGPT is a large language model created by OpenAI based on the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) architecture. It uses deep learning techniques to generate human-like responses to text-based prompts or questions. ChatGPT is designed to understand natural language and can be used for a variety of tasks such as language translation, summarization, and conversation generation. The Unexpected ChatGPT Post That Rattled LinkedIn. Why would a simple post about a query input on ChatGPT cause such a commotion on LinkedIn? Read it for yourself. 

In this segment of That’s The Story, host June Stoyer, talks to Suchin Jain an engineer and inventor about his post on LinkedIn which opened up Pandora’s box about the unexpected potential impact of ChatGPT on human health.


A Beginner’s Guide to A/B Testing

If you are new to marketing for your business or are new to marketing in general, here is a beginner’s guide to A/B testing.  A/B testing is a marketing technique that involves comparing two different versions of a campaign to see which one performs better.

cutting cookies into social media icons

Why Cookie Cutter Social Media Doesn’t Work

When it comes to social media, a lot of companies still don’t get it. They opt to use a “cookie cutter social media” approach instead of treating their accounts with the same respect as they would their corporate lines of credit or anything else that is critical to the business. They treat their social media as though it is something that can be mass produced and processed. This is the wrong approach to social media! 

Advanced Energy Conference of 2018

What To Expect At Advanced Energy Conference 2022

Advanced Energy Conference 2022 is THE best conference of the year! Energy companies, industry experts, and leaders from all over the world attend this energy conference because it is the biggest and the best in the world. Each track at the Advanced Energy Conference is rich with information directly from the leaders and innovators within the energy industry. It is a unique opportunity to interact directly with people who are creating the technology that we depend upon as a society. If you work in the energy sector, are interested in advancements of energy technology or want to learn about what the latest trend are directly from the top leaders, this is the place to be!

Just the fax

The Facts About Faxing Without A Fax Machine

In this digital age, with the ability to find everything and anything online, it is hard to believe that people still use fax machines. Although it may seem antiquated, many businesses rely upon faxes because of its authenticity. Law firms, state agencies, courts, hospitals, etc. are some examples of where faxes are still valid and necessary. This video shows how silly some people think it is to use a fax.

cell phone carrier

Divorcing AT&T

Over the years, it has been quite an experience dealing with competing cell phone carriers. Although many have tried to sway me into signing up with their cell phone plans that promised everything under the sun, I felt loyal to AT&T wireless. However, the time had come to go our separate ways.

my Google Maps Reviews

Boosting Your Business With Google Maps

People are very quick to complain about the slightest issue but how many people will take the time to thank the restaurants and businesses they patronize through a positive review on Google Maps? I know my review on Google Maps for any business will make a huge impact. I am more than happy to write them. However, not all people feel the same and are willing to make the effort.