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This is a green website! Our servers are protected by the highly talented team at Kualo.com. Click the Kualo icon to get a free month’s hosting when you use Kualo. Please mention us and let us know how you like their service!

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We’re passionate about web sites, but moreover, we’re passionate about ensuring they don’t damage our environment.

The Internet is a carbon emitting monster, and we are resolutely determined that our corner of the web should be as green as can be. Our entire operations are powered by renewable energy and our datacenter and server architecture use energy efficient design principles.

Through our partnership with Ecologi, we invest in Gold Standard certified projects that verifiably, measurably and permanently remove carbon emissions, and we additionally support re-forestation projects to plant trees to help sequester future carbon emissions.

So far we have offset 2,001.49 tons of CO2 and planted 55,556 trees.