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A Holistic Approach

June Stoyer is a business professional with over 10 years of experience in Marketing, Brand Management, Social Media Strategy and Project Management. Some of the companies and brands she has marketed include: Advanced Energy Center, Albertson’s, American Vanadium, CertifiedTrue.com, Corona Tools, Dannon, Dr. Bronner’s, Ecco Bella, Eden Foods, Farmer Jack, Food Lion, Glade, Grand Union, Herbal Essences, Jewel-Osco, Kroger’s, Late July, LIPA, Manhattan Rose Society, MASDAR, Nabisco,  New York Battery Energy Storage, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, Nature’s Path, Pace, Pepsi, Philip Morris, Proctor & Gamble, Rave, Sevierville Chamber of Commerce, Smartcool Systems, Stella D’oro, Superfresh, The Bioscience Resource Project, The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, Uncle Matt’s Organics, Unilever, Vaughn’s, Vestas Wind Systems, Walkers, etc.

Her reviews of businesses and destinations on Google Maps have reached over 44 Million Views. She is ranked in the top 10% of influencers on Google Maps for the NY Metro area and the top 10% globally, of restaurant reviewers on Google Maps.#googlemaps, #googlemap, #socialmedia, #socialmediamarketing, #influencer, #influencemarketing, #socialmediaqueen, #restaurant, #restaurantreview, #smallbusiness, #smallbusinessmarketing #junestoyer


In April of 2018, Onalytica announced that she is ranked #14 in the world as an influencer for sustainability. Onalytica also named her the #1 influencer for renewable energy. Social Media Measurement expert and CEO, of Kred.com, Andrew Grill, listed June Stoyer in the top 1% of influencers on social media.

If you want to learn some great tips to improve your visibility on Google Maps, check out this article by clicking this link.

Working With The Team at JuneStoyer.com

At JuneStoyer.com our team focuses on what matters to your customers. We focus on their User eXperience UX and help you create content that will increase your click through rates. Our approach is simple. We believe that the best way to do business is by addressing the needs of the people your company wants to do business with. A holistic SEO approach is always best as well as for strategy.

  • This consists of focusing on:
  • holistic search engine optimization
  • holistic strategy
  • Customer research
  • Rich User Experience
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Key Social Media Influencers (optional)
  • Website infrastructure security

By working with our team, if your business has a solid plan in place, you will wind up with higher conversion rates and overall loyal customers that will keep coming back!

Some of Our Specialties Include:

  • Loyalty Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Brand Launch
  • New Social Media Account Creation and Management
  • Product Reviews
  • Analytics
  • Website renovation
  • Reputation Management and Reputation Restoration


Shopify Site Builder Certified

Google Project Manager Certified

Yoast SEO Academy Site Structure Certified

Yoast SEO Academy All-Around SEO Certified

Yoast SEO Academy SEO Copywriting Certified

June Stoyer successfully completed the Site structure course! 

June Stoyer successfully completed the All-around SEO course!

June Stoyer successfully completed the SEO copywriting course!


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