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Why Google Maps Reviews Matter

by June Stoyer

Google Maps reviews matter! They impact new customers the most! Unfortunately, people will quickly complain on Google Maps about the slightest issue. This results in a lower rating for the business. Surprisingly, not many people will write a positive review even though they frequently patronize that business.

Considering Google’s power, every business owner must take advantage of it! One great suggestion is to encourage customers to provide feedback about their experience on Google Maps as quickly as possible. Please note that it is frowned upon by Google to pay for these types of reviews. It may impact a company’s rank if the reviews are not organically created.

Horace & Sylvia's Publick House front
This picture of Horace & Sylvia’s Publick House fetched almost a million views!

At the present time, my Google Maps reviews have reached over 32 million views. These reviews make a huge impact on any business I write a review about. It is a shame that more people are not willing to make the same effort.

Chef Carl, The Iron Chef of Long Island
Chef Carl, The Iron Chef of Long Island, owner of Sylvia & Horace’s Publick House in Babylon!

Someone I had lunch with a few months ago was mortified because I quietly took the time to photograph my food. I figured I would post the review on Google Maps at a later time. I did my best to photograph everything in stealth mode. It only took a few seconds to snap the photos I needed. No one even noticed that I took pictures.

After we left the restaurant, I collected my thoughts about my experience and posted about it on Google Maps. That restaurant now enjoys over a half million views of my pictures and review. I am sure the financial impact is significant. At this point, the number of views increases significantly each day.

Top 10% On Google

Earlier this year, I was notified by Google that I am not only in the top 10% of restaurant reviewers on Google Maps but am also in the top 10% of influencers in the NY metro area! It was nice that Google acknowledged my efforts. Needless to say, I am proud to be an influencer and not someone who is influenced when it comes to my reviews!

Genuine reviews DO have a direct impact on the local economy. So, be proud and show your support for the businesses you patronize! The best compliment you can give is a positive review! My reviews on Google Maps of the businesses I have patronized is proof!

Google Maps Tips

If you want your business to stand out, take control of your social media. If someone else is managing it, make sure he or she knows what to do. Here are some tips for optimizing Google’s “My Business” account section that will help achieve a higher ranking on Google Maps.

1. Be Consistent With Your Business Name & Address

Make sure the physical location where you currently operate is listed. If you recently moved, update this as soon as possible. This is how your customers will know that you moved, how to find you and not wind up at your competitor’s location.

2. Use A Local Phone Number

Especially if you moved, it is important to get a new local phone number as your business grows. Having an out of state number makes it hard to establish trust with new local customers. It is also important for being a part of your new community.

3. Write a good business description.

If you are unsure about this, just ask yourself, what is it that you do? What do people who are unfamiliar with your business need to know to patronize your business?

4. Properly Categorize Your Business

This is key for helping customers find businesses in the local area. Yes, there probably will be ads from your competitors but people looking for a product or service will go down the list to find you!

5. Add Your Own Photos!

It doesn’t matter if you take them with your cell phone or hire a company to do it. Realistic and attractive pictures of your products or service is critical for attracting new customers. It also shows the customer what to expect!

6. Respond To All Comments, Good & Bad!

So many business owners neglect to respond to comments. When no response is given to a comment, it makes it seem as though the business owner doesn’t care about the customer! Always respond in a positive manner, even if it is a negative comment. You never know if the reviewer was having a bad day or what was going on. The customer may come back and turn into your best customer!

My Google Maps reviews matter for Sal Manzano plumbing
Responding quickly demonstrates good customer service.

5 Million & Counting!

Nearly 5 million live websites use Google Maps for business. Google Maps users contribute 20+ million pieced of information each day! As for me, I have over 32 million views on Google Maps! These posts truly help businesses attract new customers!

My Google Maps make a difference

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