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Caturday Is Every Day!

By June Stoyer

Throughout social media, Saturday is celebrated as Caturday. Especially for many cat lovers, Caturday is everyday!  If you have had the joy of befriending and sharing your home with a cat, you will agree that they are loving, devoted and emotional creatures. Cats are territorial and protective of the ones they love. In a multi-cat home, it is easy to see which cats are the alphas and which are the betas. Obviously, if you have ever shared a home with a cat, there is nothing better than coming home from a long day to be greeted by your fur baby who is simply happy to have you back home! Cats are noticeably emotional beings who are fiercely loyal and will always love you!

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The Psychology Behind Cats

It is interesting to see how people view their feline (and canine) animal companions.  More people prefer the company of their fur babies to humans, and will see to it that these animals are properly cared for after their death.  By legally making these provisions in their estate planning documents, the law will protect the animals from being euthanized, put out on the street or in a shelter. Believe it or not, this is not unusual by any means. According to an article on Karplaw.com two cats have more than enough money to last their nine lives!

“New York resident Ellen Frey-Router died in 2015 at age 88. Her will specified that $300,000 of her approximately $3 million estate was to go to her beloved felines, Troy and Tiger. She left instructions for their care that included regular grooming and veterinary visits, and specified that they must “never be caged.” She named two of her health aides to care for the cats and manage their money. Troy now lives with Rita Pohila. And Tiger, once a stray, has “retired” to Florida with Dahlia Grizzle, who says he’s “a wonderful cat.”

Subsequently, another example provided in the article is about how Gail Posner, the daughter of leveraged buyout king Victor Posner, left her dog $11 million and her son, Brett Carr,  the meager sum of $1 million. Talk about wo/man’s best friend!

My Cat and Me

In a study published by the National Library of Medicine titled “My Cat and Me—A Study of Cat Owner Perceptions of Their Bond and Relationship,” the data presented in the table below demonstrates just how emotionally attached humans are to their cats.

Table 2

List of reliable items, with the respective loading scores on each PC. The items that loaded onto each individual PC are shown in bold.

Items PC 1 PC 2 PC 3 PC 4
Owner’s Emotional Investment in the Cat Cat’s Acceptance of Others Cat’s Need for Owner Proximity Cat’s Aloofness
I don’t know what I would do without my cat. 0.780 0.013 0.039 0.046
My cat is my best friend. 0.744 −0.036 0.099 0.004
I think of my cat as like a child. 0.656 0.014 0.127 0.151
I am very protective of my cat. 0.584 −0.057 −0.037 −0.023
I worry too much about my cat. 0.579 −0.094 0.125 0.256
If I were to tell my cat off and he/she would start purring or meowing at me, I would stop and try to make up with him/her. 0.469 −0.019 0.015 0.164
I am comfortable with being emotionally distant from my cat. −0.430 0.100 0.006 0.309
I consider my cat part of the family. 0.422 0.051 −0.134 −0.032
I talk to my cat every day. 0.412 0.074 −0.047 −0.077
My cat and I often seem to work as a team that are in tune with each other. 0.409 0.077 0.221 −0.319
I don’t think it is necessary to play with my cat regularly. −0.301 0.008 −0.088 0.198
When I go away my cat will play with and enjoy whoever is looking after him/her. 0.030 0.756 −0.062 −0.093
My cat tends to approach visitors with his/her tail up and rub him/herself on their legs. 0.063 0.732 0.118 −0.054
My cat visits the neighbours (even if I am at home). −0.045 0.540 −0.006 0.335
I think my cat would be just as happy living with someone else (such as the next-door neighbour). −0.344 0.470 −0.056 0.376
My cat constantly follows me around the house. −0.015 −0.002 0.765 −0.108
My cat is clingy. I can’t even go to the toilet in peace. −0.011 −0.011 0.716 −0.111
If I am in a separate room with a closed door, my cat will cry until I open the door. 0.046 −0.005 0.683 −0.002
When I am about to leave the house, my cat will cry and try to leave with me. −0.034 0.083 0.661 0.120
My cat will not eat if I go away. −0.068 −0.317 0.455 0.133
When worried or afraid, my cat will seek me. 0.259 0.147 0.323 −0.249
My cat will often lick my hands or face. 0.042 0.140 0.323 −0.215
When my cat is eating, I like to stay with him/her until he/she has finished. 0.241 −0.119 0.297 0.166
I feel my cat doesn’t like me as much as like him/her. −0.037 0.054 −0.116 0.700
My cat will never sit on my lap. 0.046 −0.172 −0.136 0.520
When siting on my lap, being fussed, my cat’s tail will sometimes thrash. 0.084 0.074 0.135 0.433

Support Animal Charities

There are so many animal charities out there to choose from but one of the most hard working charities is AnimalWorldUSA.org which was founded by Michelle Buckalew. Her team has been posting information about local events around the USA for over a decade! Please donate or connect with AnimalWorldUSA.org’s “Weeks For The Animals” events or visit their international events. They are a lot of fun and you will be so glad you went!

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Flashback to the 80’s

Cats are awesome! Once upon a time, they were worshipped in Ancient Egypt and apparently never forgot this! Everywhere you look, there are fun videos of cats. People especially love TikTok and InstaReels because of the cool cat videos, especially on Caturday. Although cats would agree that every day is Caturday, these folks have posted some of the cutest videos on social media. Enjoy!


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What Cat People Don’t Understand

@niki_and_tarantino jus minding his ~biz~ 🥰🖤🐱 #blackcatsoftiktok #blackcats #mindingmyownbusiness #animals #cattok #caturday #catladylife #catlady #catsoftiktok #animallover ♬ original sound – KILLA KENZ 👑

Cats Being Cats

@caitmorri “no❤️” #fyp #catsoftiktok #no ♬ original sound – caitmorri

Caturday Jammin’


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Oldie But Goodie

@downwithaaron When someone asks me if I like cats. HAPPY CATURDAY! #caturday #cats #meow #500miles #theproclaimers #ilikecats #HPSustainableSounds #ilovecats ♬ original sound – Aaron Downs


How about a dose of this cuteness?

Cats, especially big cats, love belly rubs!

@safarisammie My chubby belly boy 🥰 #NOTpets #jaguar #jag #tank #bigcat #bigcats #cat #cats #chonk #chonky #chubby #belly #adorable #cute #beautiful #handsome #amazing #animal #animals #fl #florida #fyp ♬ original sound – Safari Sammie

One Caturday Tiktok sensation is iammoshow


@iammoshow Did you know I’m a real human who does things? Pt 2❤️ #cat #cats #thecatrapper #nature #hike #pnw #author #book #books #trees #portland #kitty ♬ Cats That’s It – iAmMoshow

It’s Caturday Diddy

@iammoshow Its time to celebrate, Happy Caturday everyone! #cat #cats #caturday #fyp #fypシ #catsoftiktok #shykids #xyzbca #oregon ♬ Caturday – iAmMoshow

Black Cat Facts

@iammoshow 3 things about black cats! #cat #cats #catsoftiktok #funfacts #facts #fypシ #fyp #blackcat #thecatrapper #catlover #funfact #petlover ♬ Big Cats Homie – iAmMoshow

Black Cats

@iammoshow Black Cat Gang ASSEMBLE!!🖤 #cat #cats #blackcatappreciationday #thecatrapper #catlover #kitty #tiktokcats #catsoftiktok #blackcat #fypシ #pet #pets ♬ I’m Black Y’all (Interlude) – Blacktivity

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