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Hunt For A New Job In A Post-COVID19 World

Are you on the hunt for a new job? In this post-COVID19 world, things have indeed changed.  Before the pandemic, the most challenging part of job hunting was finding a job that suited your needs. In many industries, it is quite practical to work with recruiters that specialize in placing candidates that possess a select group of skills. However, the job hunting process has changed!

The Good Old Days!

Just a few years ago, it was customary to meet in person with the recruiter before your resume was submitted to the hiring manager. Now, everything is practically done via video interview. It is becoming more popular to do something unheard of and quite risky, even before you reach the interview step. Recruiters are requiring that candidates email a copy of their driver’s license or passport!

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The Post-Covid Interview 

In today’s job-hunting world, you can expect to be interviewed several times before an offer is made. Typically, a job hunter can expect to go through 2-5 rounds, depending upon the type of job. If working with a recruiter, the supervisor may interview you or may even schedule a video interview to make sure you speak well, present yourself professionally and know your stuff!

Interestingly, the FBI published this announcement which focuses on remote work fraud. It has been my experience that companies typically have at least 2 video rounds before they make an offer, so it begs the question as to what kinds of companies have been subjected to this kind of fraud?

Things Recruiters Shouldn’t Be Asking You

The NYS Bar Association published the following guide for job hunters to follow as a means of protecting themselves against discrimination.

The Layperson Guide Interview Questions:

“A patchwork of Federal, State and local anti-discrimination laws applies to New York State employers. Together, except in certain very limited circumstances, they make it illegal to make hiring decisions based on, among other things, an applicant’s race, color, religion, national origin, citizenship, age, sex, gender identity or expression, transgender status, gender dysphoria, marital status, familial status, pregnancy related condition, sexual orientation, disability, predisposing genetic characteristics, domestic violence victim status, military or veteran status, or union sympathies.

These are called “protected classes” and, generally, employers need to avoid any questions that relate to them, even unintentionally. Often some seemingly innocuous questions can elicit information that you cannot or should not have. Therefore, to assist you in thinking about these issues, we have created this guide to specific interview questions. While this guide is focused on specific questions that, as a general rule, should not be asked, remember the golden rule of interviews: never ask a question unless it is job-related.”- NYSBA.org

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Guard Your Identity!

Be very careful what information you submit to recruiters BEFORE you are hired. Some recruiters will insist upon the candidate providing a driver’s license or passport in order to be “considered”. This is not after you have been hired but in the beginning stages. Bear in mind that if the recruitment firm already has your resume, they have your work history, educational information. You may have already provided date and month of birth and last 4 of your social security number. It doesn’t take much to create a whole new identification for the right buyer. In recent reports about the dark web, a NYS driver’s license is for sale for $120! Isn’t that something! For more information, please visit https://lnkd.in/eGscU7ZF

Bottom line

If your credentials are compromised, you are out of luck! Most unsuspecting job hunters are willing to provide all sorts of information to these firms and are making themselves completely vulnerable. The firms can easily sell your data and ruin your hard earned, good credit! Job hunters, beware!

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